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Born in Kfar Bilu  in 1957, Dr. Gilad (Gili) Haskin, a graduate of the Israel Studies faculty at Beit Berl, is a certified travel guide. Haskin has earned his Ph.D. degree at the “The circle of Eretz Israel Studies” at Haifa University. Haskin has also studied Geography, and archeology concentrating on the classical period. His assertion was based on a thorough research on the development stages of the settlement Ramat Yishai as a model of an One Industry Village, following the footsteps of Manor, the first industrial settlement in Israel that eventually failed.  In his Ph.D.  Assertion, Gili dealt with the ethos, the myth and the facts concerning the Purity of Arms in the period between the beginning of the Zionist settlement and the establishment of the State of Israel.

As an experienced backpack traveler of the world, I, Gili Haskin have traveled myself to the remote edge of knowledge, fulfilling my adolescent vow to make my hobby my profession as well as my way of life. I have become a professional world-wide travel leader and my destinations are mainly but not exclusively exotic countries. I also get tremendous gratification travelling to European-cultured countries such as South Africa, Australia and New Zealand and I enjoy dwelling into the essence of Europe.

I have held a position as manager of the travel guides’ department at the Geographical company – Neot Hakkikar. I am a well-versed lecturer at colleges, universities, private institutions and group leader courses. I have anchored radio spots; have written numerous articles for “Massa Acher”Teva HadvarimMassa Olami magazines. In recent years I have written and published many articles for web media news, especially for Ynet and NRG.

In 1989, I collaborated with Sharon Talmor on the publishing of a traveler’s guide: “Classical Turkey – a light guide for travelers”.  In 2006 I authored my first title: “Captured by her charms” – a love-hate story of my experiences in India.

In December 2005, on my way from India to Sri Lanka, whilst leading a group of travelers including both my parents, I was arrested at the airport of Tribandrum after a bullet shell was found in my hand luggage. It seemed as if this could have been explained to e merely an error, yet to my dismay and sorrow this minor error evolved into a “Kafka-style daemon dance”.

I was confined to a horrifying prison for twenty days, after which I was released into home confinement with restricting conditions for a nerve wrecking period of 3 months. I was expecting a 7-year imprisonment by law for a major charge of terror, illegal trade in weapons and immediate threat to India’s general security.

Following the 3 weeks of nightmare in prison, I was released under restricted conditions, and confined to the city of Tribandrum. This incident received extensive media coverage in Israel, and the media followed the developments on the case, whilst friends and citizens at all levels, politicians, diplomats, military personnel, journalist and prominent figures from Israel and all over the world, took action in all possible venues for my release. Only after 100 days I was released, the court allowed me to leave and return to Israel, until my trial commenced. During my confinement in India, several acquaintances of mine, caring citizens and public figures had initiated petitions on my behalf that were received by the ministry of foreign affairs. On June 20th justice was made, the case was closed by the court of Tribandrum, after adopting Kerala’s  General  Prosecution’s stand that the unfortunate incident originated on basis of an error.

The public’s involvement and the media coverage on this incident is well documented throughout the WEB.

My tours are noticeably versatile. They include organized bus tours, Jeep tours as well as long track hikes. From short one-week-long tours of Greece, to long tours of South America. Some tours being relatively strenuous, such as Tibet, and others being of a more relaxed atmosphere, such as Norway.

Most of my tours concentrate on one country, yet at times I do combine several countries that share a common thread, for instance the countries of Indo China peninsula, The Balkans, the Kavkaz, etc. Other tours are primarily nature-oriented, such as Patagonia, Tanzania and the Island of Galapagos. On some tours the emphasis is on culture, such as Brazil and West Africa, yet others do combine both landscapes and nature with culture and direct encounters with the local inhabitants.

The mutual aspect of all my tours is that they are truly boutique tours – custom-tailored tours, none of which are a product of an assembly line tour plan.

These tours do not compete with the most economic tours, but rather with the highest level tours. Boutique tours that I lead consist of small groups, thorough and bountiful routes rich in vistas and experiences, with no optional tours for any extra costs. When leading my tours, I share my rich and extensive knowledge in geography, history, archeology, art, nature and current events, with the assistance of local tour guides.

My tours are executed with the collaboration of several best-known travel agencies in Israel, each for its own expertise. Moreover, customized tours and services are given to closed groups. These services include Jeep tours, mostly to near-by destinations such as the Kackar Mountains, Cappadocia, North Greece, Georgia and Romania.

Traveling seminars to Morocco, Turkey and Spain are offered by special request.

Consultation for travelers in preparation for an independent tour

Although I make a living primarily from leading group tours, I am very familiar with the charms and benefits of an independent tour. When planning such an unorganized, independent tour, I strongly advise to seek professional consultation in preparation for it. This consultation will allow you to plan a well-structured independent tour, which matches your own pace, and is safe for you. I offer professional consultation on the following aspects: planning out the route, adapting it to the current season, and matching the tour to the travelers’ personality.
This is what I’m here for – to help and guide you in the right direction.

I do not make hotel reservations and I do not sell travel package deals. I take you through a traveling consultation process, in which I present to you my knowledge and professional experience in order for you to experience the best independent tour.

After you choose your desired destination, give me a call, and we will set up a meeting to plan together the best-suited travel plan for you.


One could describe my lectures as a journey in an armchair – a virtual substitute to flinging on dusty roads, drunken dances, or mountain tracks. I offer travelers a variety of lectures about remote places, traditions, and people all over the world, from Japan to Mali, from Peru to Spain.

In my lectures we will cover geographical, historical and anthropological topics.
Some of the lectures I give focus on phenomena such as death rituals and burial traditions, carnivals around the world, or shaman manifestations in different places.

My lectures are accompanied by impressive slideshows. Also, I give specialized lectures on topics such as purity of arms, which is both a theoretical and practical local Israeli topic, or “India, Kafka and Myself” – the story of an Israeli travel leader who found himself behind bars in an Indian jail, charged for involvement in terrorism, merely because a bullet was found in his backpack.

You may reach me to book a lecture:

You may contact me, My contact info:

Phone: 04-6254440/ 054-4738536

Email: [email protected]

3 Ginat Egoz St., Apt. 13, Pardess Hanna




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